A Little Bit About The Founder

Christine van Hees, the founder of Voiced Co, is a self-proclaimed vocaphile: a lover of all things voice. 
She has been vocalising since childhood; be it singing, acting or making up stories to her toys.  She studied music and psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand and had singing training with some of the best teachers in South Africa including Adèle Strömbeck, Eugenie Chopin and Saranti Reeders, as well as international coaches
Her love of performing has also lead to acting training in both film and theatre. She has performed in South African theatre classics such as Sophiatown and My Children! My Africa! as well as well-known films and local television including Binnelanders, Dis ek, Anna and Lakens. Her love for voice work has also lead her to working with various corporate and educational clients for radio and web adverts. Christine is also a skilled dubbing artist and has dubbed projects from Turkish, Japanese, French, Korean and Hindi into English and Afrikaans. 
Through her experience and constant love of learning, she has also been passionate about sharing all her knowledge through teaching children and adults. She not only teaches singing but also coaches actors on how to use their voice more effectively and unlocking their truest expression. In the last few years, she has also started to work with clients from more corporate and commercial backgrounds with great success. Christine has a complex and deep love for her fellow human and has seen how often emotional blocks manifest through vocal challenges which has lead her to training in Meta-coaching as a tool to support and enhance the work that she does.